We Are One

In the 2009 campaign, the party leadership consisted of President Shixwameni, Vice President Reinhold Madala Nauyoma, Secretary General Mukuve Marcellus Mudumbi and National Chairman Herbert Shixwameni. All four of which were activists in the Namibia National Students Organisation.[4]


Prior to the 2009 general election, the party sought to eliminate poverty in five years and informal settlements in ten years. In a political forum prior to the 2009 election, party representative Lena Nakatana stated that the human rights of Namibian homosexuals should be respected because of their equal citizenship.[5]

Alliance with the Rehoboth Ratepayers’ Association

In October 2009, the party and the Rehoboth Ratepayers’ Association, a local political party in Rehoboth in the Hardap Region, agreed to a collective agreement to cooperate in the 2009 general elections. The leader of the association, Lukas de Klerk, said it was a way for Rehoboth to have representation in the Namibian National Assembly. De Klerk was listed at the sixth position for the party on the list for National Assembly.[6]


Party President Ignatius Shixwameni was elected to the National Assembly with the party. The party garnered 10,795 (1.3 percent) of votes for the National Assembly.

Legal challenge

The party joined with other opposition parties to contest the conduct and outcome of the 2009 National Assembly election, bringing forth a legal challenge aiming to declare the election null and void.[7]