The name of the organization shall be All People’s Party Women’s League (APPWL)


Our logo is a light red flag with the map of Namibia in black in the centre of the map. Within the map is a circle of fourteen diamonds and on top of the diamonds is the abbreviation of the organization – APPWL, whilst at the bottom is the Slogan, “We are One”.

2.1 Meaning of the Logo

The red represents our collective resolve, determination and courage to ensure that our people and country will achieve the objectives of equality, justice, prosperity and unity in our life time. It also symbolizes our love for our motherland.

The black Namibian map symbolizes humanity and dignifies the human race as the most precious and valuable resource of our land.

The diamonds represent our country’s vast natural resources and wealth. The number of the diamonds, thirteen, represents the thirteen political regions of our country, united in its diversity.


3.1. To unite the Women of Namibia in one open and truly democratic organization; which represents their needs, aspirations, visions, dreams and ideas and collectively work for their practical realization.

3.2. To mobilize the Namibian Women towards self-reliance and to be owners of their destiny.

3.3. To fight for the total eradication of poverty, unemployment, inequalities and any form of discrimination amongst the Women and establish a society of opportunities for all its citizens and residents.

3.4. To work for the equitable and fair redistribution of our natural resources and the proceeds thereof to the benefit of our communities and all our people.

3.5 To rally progressive and open-minded Women for the APP to take over the reigns of government and establish a modern mode welfare state in which all citizens have free access to quality public health institutions, free quality education, descent housing and are guaranteed a descent standard of living.

3.6 To create an open society from any fear and broaden real democratic participation free from intolerance of each one’s idea and to participate in regular free and fair elections.

3.7 To mobilize the Women to reject all forms of neo- dictatorship and the cult of personality at home and abroad.

3.8 To promote true patriotism amongst the Women based on true love for the motherland and patriotism with an internationalist outlook.

3.9 To promote and fight for gender equality and the empowerment of young women at all levels of the Namibian society, and the realization of equal inalienable rights amongst all sectors of our society.

3.10 To fight the scourge of hatred, hate speeches, ethnicity, racism, sexism, tribalism, regionalism, and nepotism at all levels of our society.

3.11 To ensure visible equitable representation of women in all national organizations.

3.12 To work in concert with other progressive Women organizations on the African continent and internationally for the realization of our democratic values and aspirations.

3.13 To instill a culture of tolerance and acceptance of the sexual diverse groups in society and promote an educative spirit to embrace unity in diversity.



There shall be the following national, regional and local structures of the organization: –


4.1.1 National Congress (NC)

  1. a) There shall be a national congress to be held every three (5) years.
  2. b) The congress shall be the highest decision-making body of the organization.
  3. c) The congress shall elect the organization’s top office bearers and the members of the National Executive Committee (NEC).
  4. d) The congress will receive reports from the leadership of the organization and review the work of the organization during the preceding period
  5. e) The congress has the power to review and amend the constitution by two thirds majority or take any such decisions and resolutions which it deems fit for the organization’s progress.


4.1.2 National Executive Committee (NEC)


  1. a) The NEC shall be made up of the Secretary General, Deputy, Treasurer General and Deputy, 10 members directly elected by the National Congress, three additional members to be co-opted by the Secretary General in consultation with the rest of the NEC and all Regional Chairpersons.
  2. b) The NEC shall be the highest decision-making institution of the organization between congresses.
  3. c) The NEC shall meet twice a year or whenever needed and shall be chaired by the Secretary General. The Secretary General can convene an NEC meeting at his discretion if an issue warrants a meeting of the NEC.
  4. d) The NEC shall direct the work of the National Working Committee and monitor the implementation of the congress resolutions and any other directives which it may give from time to time.
  5. e) The NEC has the power to direct the leadership of the organization to enter into approved agreements with sister organizations or any other institutions.
  6. f) The National Executive Committee (NEC) shall elect from its members the rest of the five members of the National Working Committee (NWC) in addition to the Secretary General, Deputy, Treasurer and Deputy.
  7. g) The president can assign any member of the NEC to occupy a specific secretarial position such member must be a member of the NWC.


4.1.3 National Working Committee (NWC)


  1. a) There shall be a National Working Committee to be elected by the NEC and chaired by the Secretary General.
  2. b) The NWC shall include the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Treasurer General and Deputy plus five other members elected by the NEC from its members.
  3. c) The NWC shall supervise the day to day work of the organization and ensure the implementation of resolutions and directives.
  4. d) The NWC shall meet four times annually or whenever needed.
  5. e) The NWC shall receive periodic reports from the regions and Management Committee and also provide regular directives and guidance to the regions.
  6. f) The NWC shall be responsible for the appointment of senior organization staff at the Head Office.


4.1.4 Management Committee (MC)


  1. a) There shall be a Management Committee of the organization composed of the Secretary General, Deputy, Treasurer, Deputy and an official responsible for finance and administration of the organisation.
  2. b) The MC shall meet every month or whenever needed and shall be chaired by the Secretary General.
  3. c) The MC shall supervise the administrative day to day work of the organization.
  4. d) The MC shall ensure that organization work is being carried out in line with the decisions of the congress, NEC and the NWC
  5. g) The MC shall periodically report on their activities and the activities of the regions and branches to the NWC.




There shall be regional structures of the organization in all fourteen political regions in which the country is divided in.


  1. a) There shall be held every after two years Regional Conferences (RC).
  2. b) The regional conference shall elect the Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC).
  3. c) The regional conference shall be the highest decision-making body in the region between conferences.
  4. d) The Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) shall meet thrice a year or whenever needed.
  5. e) The Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) will elect members of its Regional Working Committee who shall be in charge of organization activities in the region on a daily basis.
  6. f) The Regional Conference shall elect a Regional Chairperson, Vice, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary for Constituency Mobilization and six additional members.
  7. i) The RCC shall monitor the work of the organization in the region and ensure that the decisions, directives and resolutions of the organization are adhered to and also being practically implemented in its area of jurisdiction.




  1. a) There shall be established in each administrative Constituency a Constituency Coordinating Committee (CCC).
  2. b) There shall be held a Constituency Conference (CC) in each constituency every year to elect the Constituency Coordinating Committee (CCC).
  3. c) The CC shall elect a Chairperson, Vice, Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary for Constituency Mobilization and four additional members for its constituency.
  4. d) The Constituency Coordinating Committee (CCC) shall meet on a quarterly basis.
  5. e) The Constituency Coordinating Committee shall ensure that mobilization, recruitment and training consistently takes place at branch level.
  6. f) The CCC shall ensure the practical implementation of all organization decisions, resolutions and directives.




The basic unit of the organization where all activities takes place is the branch. Every member of the organization starts by being a member of the branch and must remain so affiliated at all times and wherever he/she might happen to find him/herself in the national territory of Namibia. A branch shall constitute at least a minimum of 20 members and a maximum of hundred members.


  1. a) There shall be held a Branch Conference (BC) – Annually.
  2. b) The Branch Conference shall elect a Chairperson, Vice, Secretary, Treasurer and Secretary for Mobilization and Recruitment and two additional members amongst its members.
  3. c) The branch shall hold monthly branch meetings to update members on organizational progress, implement programs of activities, report on progress and undertake any other tasks deemed expedient in the interest of maintaining organizational growth.



  1. a) At all levels of the organization, leadership shall be elected democratically and shall at all times be exemplary, collective, accountable, open and transparent to its members, supporters, sympathizers and the general public.


  1. b) Leaders shall be required to declare their assets, liabilities and interests within a month after assuming office, at all levels and all those elected to government structures.


  1. c) Leaders shall be allowed to serve no more than two terms in each position of the Organization at national, regional, constituency and branch levels.


There shall be the following positions of Elective Leadership in the organization: –




  • Secretary General
  • Deputy Secretary General
  • Treasurer General
  • Deputy Treasurer General
  • Other Secretariats Elected from NEC






  1. Shall be the chief directing political officer and executive administrative officer of the organization.
  2. Chairs the National Executive Committee NEC, NWC and the MC.
  3. Chief spokesperson and representative of the organization in its public engagement with the people
  4. Articulates the policies and provides together with the rest of the collective leadership the vision and political directives of the organization
  5. Responsible for policy and organization guidelines
  6. Coordinates the work of the organization with the rest of the leadership
  7. The contact between the organization and other Women Organizations within Namibia.
  8. Shall coordinate the work of the organization at national level and with the rest of the organization structures in the regions and constituencies.
  9. Shall monitor, direct and supervise the work of the secretariat and ensure that decisions are indeed practically implemented.
  10. Shall ensure the taking of minutes and the safekeeping of all organization documentation.




The rest of the secretary shall be responsible for their direct specific area of designation and shall supervise the staffs who work directly under them. They shall report to the Secretary General on their specific portfolio and shall at all times work as a collective. They may from time to time be assigned tasks out of their portfolio by the NEC, NWC, SS or the President.




5.3.1 Regional Chairperson

          Regional Vice-Chairperson

          Regional Secretary

          Regional Treasurer

          The other Secretariats as described above


The leadership at this level shall carry out the same functions and duties as that of their colleagues at national level but only with application to their geographical area of jurisdiction.


5.3.2 Constituency level (All branches in the area)

          The same as in 5.3.1


5.3.3 Branch level

          The same as in 5.3.1




There shall be established different institutions of the organization to help facilitate its operations and ensure sustainability, growth and appeal to Women interest as directed and envisioned by the membership at National Congress. 






“We are One”




Membership of the organization shall be open to all women who are Namibian citizens and or permanent residents of Namibia who subscribes to the aims, objectives, policies and plans of the organization. The National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Working Committee (NWC) shall have the power to set the membership fee and annual contribution of members from time to time.




Regional Disciplinary Committees (RDC) shall be established and can be dissolved by the Regional Coordinating Committee with the mandate to enforce the organization code of conduct, which is a schedule of this constitution. 


The National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) will hear appeal cases and their decision shall be binding all members and final.


The National Working Committee shall be responsible for the establishment and dissolution of the Disciplinary Committee consisting of 5 members. 





  1. a) The organization maybe dissolved by two third majority of its paid-up members at a National Congress subject to such a resolution passed by the APP CCC. On dissolution, the proceedings from the assets shall accrue to the APP. In the event that such a resolution to dissolve was passed by two-third members at the congress, the NEC and all structures shall operate as if the Dissolution Resolution did not take place until a resolution passed by the APP Central Coordinating Committee (CCC).


  1. b) The APP Central Coordinating Committee shall pass a resolution to direct the way forward in the event of dissolution.


  1. c) Two third of the thirteen political regions leadership so mandated by two thirds of the regional branches can submit a petition to the Secretary General for a Special Congress to address any matters requiring congress resolution affecting the organization. This however requires a two third majority votes from members of the NEC to take effect.


  1. d) The organization is a legal personality on itself and is capable of suing and being sued in a court of law. It can open bank accounts, acquire and dispose of assets in its own name. Such activities must be by resolution passed by the NEC to mandate other structures to take such directives for the efficient and effective operation of the organisation.





Signed by: _______________________         _______________________

                         Secretary General                      Treasurer General